Cold Tofu’s Ensemble is made up of improvisers who have completed the full program at Cold Tofu. Ensemble members of Cold Tofu continue their training by focusing on specific skills and techniques in improv, acting, singing and performance. Ensemble trains with house instructors from the Core Cast, and also with invited guest instructors such as Denny Siegel, Tracy Burns, Allen Simpson, Joseph Limbaugh, Dom Magwili, Leslie Ishii, Stephen Kearin, Dan O'Conner, and Brian Lohman.

In addition to performing regularly in IRON IMPROV STADIUM at Cold Tofu's SFXC shows, Ensemble also produces their own annual improv show at various Los Angeles venues.

  Cold Tofu Ensemble 2015

(Pictured L to R) Top Row: Gary Calvin, Brian Sniegowski, and Tony Garbanzos. Bottom Row: Julio
Urquidi, Michelle Sugihara, Michi Fu, Calimay Pham, Misa Nguyen, Kurt Yamamoto, and Howard Ho

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